Your music is available everywhere around the world, people can stream it on all sorts of platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Qobuz… Your artist’s profile is as you’ve imagined it, photos and bio are updated, the last available links and credits were added too. It took you a lot of time to build this digital ecosystem. The users will enjoy the most complete experience!

In China, no Youtube, Google or Spotify but Youku, Weibo, Alibaba or Tencent (owner of QQ Music, Kuwo and Kugou and concentrating 80% of the streaming’s market share).
Distribution deals are signed between these Chinese platforms, the aggregators and the music rights organizations. Catalogs are now « legaly » accessible, artists referenced and their work available.

However artists’ digital profiles are rarely faithfully transcribed in China (several pages for only one artist, badly or non translated biographies, non updated photos and artwork …). A follow up of this process is therefore essential to ensure a correct delivery of the catalogs but also to adapt and translate the content to local specificities so that users’ experience can be enriched.

China means 1.4 billion inhabitants, of which over 55% are connected to internet (the equivalent of the European population), and 300 millions people using streaming platforms. Why stop half way, close eyes and ears without satisfying your curiosity about this big country ? Internet still works with language, to look up for an artist or a song, we enter words in a search engine. It is therefore important for artists and indie labels to keep control over their content and make it accessible to everyone, no matter the language, the format or the country.

Pang Pang offers to establish the digital ecosystem of your artist or catalog in China and to transpose, adapt and even increase its universe to the Chinese audience.

Basic Kit

– Situation of the artist in China
– Biography : Update and translate in chinese
– Photos : update and high-resolution
– Catalog : update, artworks udpate
– Videos : upload on chinese platoform
(QQ video, Youku)

Kit +

– Subtitles : videos, song’s titles et lyrics
– Social network : community management (Weibo, Douban…)
– Upload albums on other platoforms (Xiami, Douban, Kanjian)
– Introduce artist to streaming platforms
– Newsletter promo