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Wish you all a Happy New Year of the Pig
Full of Happiness and Prosperity.


After watching “The Soul of Shaolin” during the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV and eating 3 days in a row to celebrate the New Year, Pang Pang is coming to deliver you an inspired music played with an infinite love :
Marc Melià‘s new album《Music For Prophet》naturalises what is synthetic, humanises what is robotic and looks for the beauty in sounds that by nature are cold and emotionless.
So listen, relax and let your brain give in to your sense of delight.

在春节期间通过 CCTV 观看功夫舞台剧《少林武魂》并且大吃3天庆祝新春之后,Pang Pang 将为大家推荐一张爱意满满且振奋人心的音乐作品

比利时电子音乐人 Marc Melià 的新专辑《Music For Prophet》,这是一张将合成器音色天然化,将机械节拍人性化,在看似冰冷且毫无情感可言的电子乐中寻找音色的自然之美的专辑。

一起来尽情享受 Marc Melià 的音乐带给你的愉悦感受吧!

Marc Melià is a Majorca born composer and musician who currently lives in Brussels. For the last ten years he has been composing, producing and playing music in several bands including the pan-european trio Lonely Drifter Karen.

Music For Prophet, his first solo album, is part of the new born tradition of the repetitive music composed by sensitive robots for the humans of tomorrow.

The protagonist of the album, from where all the mystical loops, giant statues of arpeggios and the big variety of electronic landscapes post-Kraftwerk are born, is called Prophet 08, an already mythical synthesizer.

Marc Melia,电子音乐人,作曲家,出生于西班牙马略卡岛,现居布鲁塞尔。最近几十年,他参与了很多乐队的作品创作,制作,与演出,如布鲁塞尔乐队 Lonely Drifter Karen

《Music for Prophet》,是Marc Melia的第一张个人专辑,也是一张大胆的概念作品,是Marc设想中的机器为未来人类创作出来的仿人造音乐。而躲在这些神秘和渐进的循环,一系列的琶音以及充满变化的电音景观后的假想故事主角叫做Prophet 08,一台能独立思考的合成器。

Marc Melia 在 Music For Prophet这张专辑中展演了最低限度的电子音乐,没有任何BEAT完全是用合成器Prophet 08完成的,其中特别提到了Kraftwerk, Can 和1970年代的Krautrock







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