Chui Wan at the Museum

By 26/08/2016NEWS 新闻

Fin avril 2016, le groupe de rock psyché Chui Wan (Maybe Mars Records) a passé une semaine en résidence dans notre submersible sonore de La Demeurée (Caen, Basse-Normandie), une halte au milieu de leur tournée européenne ! Ils y ont produit une pièce sonore qui sera jouée à Pékin lors de l’évènement Chui Wan at the museum.

On regrette de ne pas avoir pu découvrir cette pièce à Caen, mais on ne désespère pas d’accueillir un jour à nouveau nos amis de Pékin !

Voilà une superbe vidéo promo tournée par 张晶蕾 (Jinlei Zhang), en pleine préparation du festival Sauvages à la Demeurée (vous savez, le Festival Annulé n°0).

Entre nostalgie et fierté du travail accompli, ça ne peut que donner envie d’un Festival Annulé n°1 encore moins annulant !




Ultimately, is it the body that listens, or the ear? Could it be that the ear isn’t a body part?
Ultimately, are we listening or dancing? Could it be that we’re singing together?
Ultimately, is it the nervous system listening, or the spirit? Does one go insane asking this question?
Let’s not say “ultimately” again.

Chui Wan, Chui Wan.
In the course of their April 2016 Europe tour organized by PangPang Project, Chui Wan rehearsed a new work in La Demeurée. They couldn’t perform it in Paris, nor in Caen. Finally, they’re able to debut it in Beijing. It’s a continuous, one-hour piece. It’s a bit psychedelic, but more like an “awakening”.

Chui Wan is a rock band. Formed in 2010. They started in the weekly, Tuesday-night Zoomin’ Night experimental music performance series. They’re part of Beijing’s taciturn, low-profile rock scene. They’ve released two albums on Maybe Mars Records, White Night and Chui Wan. Their members are also active in other fields: minimalist piano, experimental composition, no-input mixer feedback, living room tours, free improvisation… every member has their own understanding of psychedelic rock.

Is Chui Wan a psychedelic rock band? Chui Wan Chui Wan Chui Wan.
We’re already past the Burning Anger generation. Neither are we less likely to drift with the crowd. “Listening” is a psychedelic act. Psychedelia is about rocking together. Rock is to be waking. All in all.

– Luo Wanxiang
Translated by Josh Feola and Emma Sun


// There will be a live recording at the performance, in case of signal interference, please switch your phone to flight mode and we kindly ask all the audience to be quiet when performing. //