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Marc Melià // China Tour // 中国巡演

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Time as come to announce the Marc Melià China Tour !

For those who still don’t know him, he was member of the famous pop band Lonely Drifter Karen, which had toured several times in China.

Belgium synthfreak will embark on a 8-cities-tour that starts in Beijing on May 30th at DDC. For its first solo show in China, he will be supported by local electronic classical pop band AEM Studio.
Recently back from SXSW 2019, AEM gain notoriety after performing with nothing less than Ryuichi Sakamoto himself in Beijing.

Another vibrant band will share the stage at Yu Yin Tang Park with Marc Melia in Shanghai on June 1st, The Mirrors 解离的真实, an experimental / psychedelic rock trio, seeking for big dreams made of virtuality and reality.


Marc Melià 中国巡演正式公布!

如果你还不认识他,他之前是流行乐队 Lonely Drifter Karen 的键盘家,来过中国巡演好几次了!

比利时合成器狂人今年再来华,开启8站中国巡演 – 首秀5月30日,北京黄昏黎明俱乐部DDC,暖场嘉宾 AEM乐团

AEM 乐团曾与来访北京的坂本龙一大师秘密同台,同时还参演了2019 SXSW 音乐节,是北京独立音乐场景中倍受瞩目的新晋力量。

同时在6月1日上海站,另一只优秀的摇滚乐新血解离的真实也将与Marc Melià 一起在育音堂公园等待大家来加入他们的迷幻旅行。


05.30 : 北京 Beijing @ DDC
(80 元 预售/100 元 现场)
+ AEM乐团 (嘉宾)

05.31 : 济南 Jinan @ Charman Bar

06.01 : 上海 Shanghai @ Yu Yin Tang Park 育音堂公园(新店)
(80元 预售/100 元)
+ The Mirrors 解离的真实 (嘉宾)

06.05 : 杭州 Hangzhou @ Loopy
(60 元 预售/80 元)

06.06 : 南京 Nanjing @ Monohouse
(30 元 预售/50 元)

06.07 : 长沙 Changsha @ Red Live 红咖俱乐部
(60 元 预售/80 元)

06.08 : 广州 Guangzhou @ Brasston
(60 元 预售/80 元)

06.09 : 深圳 Shenzhen @ OIL
(60 元 预售/80 元)

AEM Studio – 2019 Beijing performing with Ryuichi Sakamoto

The Mirrors 解离的真实





Marc Melià – belgium synthfreak

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Wish you all a Happy New Year of the Pig
Full of Happiness and Prosperity.


After watching “The Soul of Shaolin” during the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV and eating 3 days in a row to celebrate the New Year, Pang Pang is coming to deliver you an inspired music played with an infinite love :
Marc Melià‘s new album《Music For Prophet》naturalises what is synthetic, humanises what is robotic and looks for the beauty in sounds that by nature are cold and emotionless.
So listen, relax and let your brain give in to your sense of delight.

在春节期间通过 CCTV 观看功夫舞台剧《少林武魂》并且大吃3天庆祝新春之后,Pang Pang 将为大家推荐一张爱意满满且振奋人心的音乐作品

比利时电子音乐人 Marc Melià 的新专辑《Music For Prophet》,这是一张将合成器音色天然化,将机械节拍人性化,在看似冰冷且毫无情感可言的电子乐中寻找音色的自然之美的专辑。

一起来尽情享受 Marc Melià 的音乐带给你的愉悦感受吧!

Marc Melià is a Majorca born composer and musician who currently lives in Brussels. For the last ten years he has been composing, producing and playing music in several bands including the pan-european trio Lonely Drifter Karen.

Music For Prophet, his first solo album, is part of the new born tradition of the repetitive music composed by sensitive robots for the humans of tomorrow.

The protagonist of the album, from where all the mystical loops, giant statues of arpeggios and the big variety of electronic landscapes post-Kraftwerk are born, is called Prophet 08, an already mythical synthesizer.

Marc Melia,电子音乐人,作曲家,出生于西班牙马略卡岛,现居布鲁塞尔。最近几十年,他参与了很多乐队的作品创作,制作,与演出,如布鲁塞尔乐队 Lonely Drifter Karen

《Music for Prophet》,是Marc Melia的第一张个人专辑,也是一张大胆的概念作品,是Marc设想中的机器为未来人类创作出来的仿人造音乐。而躲在这些神秘和渐进的循环,一系列的琶音以及充满变化的电音景观后的假想故事主角叫做Prophet 08,一台能独立思考的合成器。

Marc Melia 在 Music For Prophet这张专辑中展演了最低限度的电子音乐,没有任何BEAT完全是用合成器Prophet 08完成的,其中特别提到了Kraftwerk, Can 和1970年代的Krautrock







For any press inquiries, interviews or articles, please contact :
Wechat 微信 : Stonebuck

Download 下载 Marc Melià's Press Kit

Jacques’s new chinese videos ! 亚克思新中文视频

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New chinese videos !

Jacques doesn’t speak chinese, but he has been deeply influenced by the language after touring twice to this country. It would probably have been the same with other languages, but unfortunately we didn’t spend enough time there.
We decided to start by translating some interviews that Jacques did on the road into chinese, so that people could understand his music and the guy behind it. Now we will share with you all those videos, one by one.
Find bellow an interview shot by french-german TV channel Arte.


新中文视频 !


Jacques at Sónar Bogotá 2018

After a fantastic 9 cities tour in Asia early 2018 through Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, KL and Sónar HK, Jacques is now embarking to South America for another workshop and a series of concerts, among others, Sónar Bogotá, alongside with Laurent Garnier, Vitalic, Hercules & Love Affairs…

亚克思快到Sónar 波哥大了!

在2018年初进行了神妙的9个城市的巡演之后,经过了日本, 韩国,中国大陆,台湾,KL 和Sónar 香港,亚克思将到南美参加大师课和演出。其中有Sónar 波哥大 跟Laurent Garnier, Vitalic, Hercules & Love Affairs等一干大腕一起演出。

Déclic Festival / Psychedelic Rock Show / Jacques

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Une newsletter bien garnie des dernières pérégrinations du Pang Pang. Dans ce numéro, il sera question de Jacques en Asie, du Psychédelic Rock Show et du DÉCLIC, un nouvel événement électronique à La Demeurée.

A garnished newsletter about Pang Pang latest journeys. In this issue, we will talk about Jacques in Asia, the Psychedelic Rock Show and DÉCLIC, a new electronic music festival at La Demeurée.

这期季刊记录了Pang Pang过去和未来的几次活动。本刊介绍了Jacques亚克思的亚洲之星,魔幻摇滚秀,以及DÉCLIC,在La Demeurée举行的一次新的电音盛会。

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Jacques Asia Tour

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We just landed in Hong Kong with Jacques, this is the first stop of the Asia Tour part 2. Jacques will play at Sonar HK tomorrow, March 17th at 3pm30 on Sonar Village stage. I also invite you to come at 1pm to Sonar +D where he will have a talk about inspiration, mental attitude and improvisation at different levels of life, the kind of subjects he has a deep interest in.

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Chui Wan – new album + tour

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Beijing quartet Chui Wan melts classic psych-rock influences across time and space into their own particular glaze, a distinctly Chinese but fluently global musical language that speaks in the tongue of half-remembered dream.

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Jacques – New EP

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To diffuse his message as widely as possible, Jacques decides to translate and interpret “Dans la radio” in several languages: English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and even Esperanto !

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