Jacques new album OUT ! 亚克思新专辑出来了!“灵感之下”

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Hello everyone,

Jacques want to share a message with you.

Voilà, I simply wanted to thank you for helping me living my dream through this tour during which I learned loads of things and met lots of cool people. Thanks to you I had the occasion to evolve musically and get new skills in live performance. I also earned lot of money with which I could get some super gear and increase the music throughout concerts. I learned to manage my stress, talk to an audience, and improvise in front of a crowd like I do with more and more fluidity.

So it’s to you that I want to share my new album « Jacques Sous Inspi » (available on the main chinese and western platform), that has been done on the road, and that includes exclusively tracks improvised live during all the events. As some of you may already know, after each of my concerts, I listened to its recording, then selected the magical moments to edit it, than remix it, and pile it on my computer. As I recently decided to stop touring, and get into a new part of my life, it’s obvious to me that those edits should return to the audience. Its an oversize album that I invite you to discover today, but anyway, I found no good reason not to do so.

If some events doesn’t appear in the final tracklist, it can mean two things : the recording screwed up that day, or I wasn’t under inspi and no moment touched me when I listened to the recording. Notice that the music that will work for a crowd that is in a certain state, at a certain hour, isn’t necessarily what I will find interesting to put in an album 🙂

See you in the future !



 » Sous Inspi « 
 » 灵感之下 “

Jacques new’s album out on all platforms





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