Artistic house in Saint Contest (France), a small village close to Caen in Normandy (2h from Paris).
Our project aims to develop critical thinking skills, know-how (savoir-faire) and know how to live (savoir-vivre). Its foundation are friendship, imagination and exchange. Three pillars are still under-construction. Their will be the essential medium of our professional and associative work : sound, image and permaculture.


The 1st edition of Kaléidoscope Festival has been held in Paris at La Dame de Canton from march 4th to 9th in 2013. The eclectic musical programmation, performances, videos, live-paintings and short movies all awake the senses. It was a sound and visual discovery – seeking for unity.

The revival of Kaléidoscope in may 2014 took the form of – Alchemy – as the desire to turn everything into eternity; to eternize the moment. Musical composition, the most fascinating scenographies and rhythms were put in the light of alchemy. An harmony, ‘as above, so below’.

PangPang is co-founder of the festival.


What is DongDong?
A PLATFORM FOR ARTIST : A place for talents from China, Asia and the rest of the world, a place to perform and to be discovered, a meeting point for the creative scene
A MINI BUT MIGHTY URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL in Beijing : 4 days, 5 venues, 30 acts
A PROFESSIONAL EVENT : Keynote talks, Conferences, Workshop, Networking

The third edition will take place in 2016.


Maybe Mars / 兵马司 is an independent music label that was started in the summer of 2007 to promote, identify and support talented young Chinese musicians and artists. Their current catalogue already includes many of China’s exciting, new and ground-breaking bands and musicians: Carsick Cars, P.K.14, Snapline, White+, AV Okubo, Xiao He, Chui Wan, etc…. Their focus is on making the best recordings of what they strongly believe are among the best bands in the country.